Upcoming KDC Meetings are posted here and emailed to the membership list

Upcoming KDC Meetings are posted here and emailed to the membership list

Meetings open to members will be announced here. KDC membership meetings are held every other month on the first Wednesday of the month.

Thinking of becoming a member? We warmly invite you to drop by! All Kensington residents and all Democrats are welcome to drop in as guests.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will be hosting our meetings on Zoom until in-person meetings are once again appropriate.

Zoom links are emailed to our membership mailing list in advance of each meeting. Members of the public interested in attending are encouraged to contact to receive Zoom access information. Attendees must join with their full name and may be required to introduce themselves.

Next Meeting

Membership Meeting:

September 28th 2022, at 7pm

Board Meeting:

October 5th 2022, at 7pm

2022 Meeting Calendar

KDC meetings begin at 7:00pm PST unless otherwise noted.

Membership Meetings:

  • March 2nd
  • April 27th (special meeting, noticed 4/13 via website & email to membership)
  • May 4th
  • July 13th (pushed back from July 6th, noticed 6/28 via website & email to membership, Agenda)
  • September 7th. Agenda:
    - Treasurer's Report
    - Club Rep's Report on DPCCC Endorsements
    - Toolkit for Midterms
  • September 28th: Special Endorsement Meeting for KPPCSD Candidates
    • Agenda: vote on Board endorsement recommendations of Sarah Gough & Gail Feldman, followed by discussion of how KDC members can get involved in supporting the national midterm GOTV effort.
  • November 2nd

Board Meetings:

  • February 2nd (closed to Membership, Agenda)
  • March 16 (special meeting, closed to Membership, noticed March 14, Agenda)
  • April 6th (Agenda)
  • June 1st (canceled)
  • June 14th (special meeting, closed to Membership, noticed June 12, Agenda)
  • August 8th, 7:30pm (closed to membership, postponed from August 3rd, noticed August 6th, Agenda)
  • August 24th, 6:30pm (open to membership, noticed August 11th, Agenda & Proposed Bylaw Changes)
  • September 7th, 7:30 pm (open to membership, noticed September 5th)
    - Board Discussion on Endorsement Recommendations to the General Body
    - Board Vote on Endorsement Recommendations to the General Body
    - Agenda for Candidate's Forum on September 13th
    - Meeting Date for General Body Vote on Endorsements (if applicable)
    - Website Prep for Candidate's Forum & Midterm Engagement
  • October 5th
  • November 2nd