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The KDC has concluded voting on this 2022 endorsement cycle, and has endorsed Gail Feldman for the KPPCSD Board of Directors. Below you can see the endorsement rationale for supporting Ms Feldman that was sent to the membership ahead of the vote. Ms Feldman was endorsed in a unanimous vote by our members at our special endorsement meeting on September 28th.

Recommendation of Gail Feldman

The KDC Executive Board recommends Gail Feldman for endorsement in the ’22 KPPCSD Board of Directors race. Gail’s career in municipal management as well as her educational background make her well-suited to serving on the Board of Directors. In her interview & questionnaire, Gail showed a deep understanding of the ins-and-outs of the district, as well as a willingness to listen to and learn from experts & community members as part of her role on the Board. She is a strong advocate for consolidation of the KPPCSD and KFPD into one district, and we were impressed with her insights into the General Manager role & her explanations of how consolidation would help Kensington retain a more permanent employee in that position. Gail has a long history of civic engagement in our town, especially through her work with the Kensington Property Owners’ Association. The board voted unanimously to recommend Gail to our membership for endorsement.